Bind Jekyll To All Available IPs

For anyone that uses Jekyll, I found this really useful tidbit yesterday on codehive. I like Andi to proofread my posts before I upload them. By default, “jekyll serve” only binds to “localhost” which allows me to view the site in my own browser, but it doesn’t give her a way to easily see it on her own computer. By binding it to all available IPs, she can access it over our local network to proofread. It’s very handy!

…on the same machine, you can open up a browser and point your browser to or http://localhost:4000 and access your Jekyll site. But what if you want to check browser compatibility, say on a mobile device or a different desktop?

You can do this by running this command jekyll serve –host=…

Then on a different device that is connected to the same network as the Jekyll server, point your browser to http://192.168.1.X:4000 and your Jekyll site should load right up.

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